Jacksonville Beach

Technically south of Seagate Avenue, locals know Jax Beach really begins a block south from 18th Ave since Fletcher is a “Neptune Beach thing”… But no matter where you draw the lines, Jacksonville Beach is a large beachfront community that has a changing heartbeat block by block and depending on what you are looking for and where you find yourself, you will be able to find what you need at Jax Beach. 

22 square miles of land encompassing the entire area between the Intracoastal and the ocean sandwiched in between Neptune Beach on the north and Ponte Vedra on the south. Two major feeder roads come in from the west as Beach Boulevard and JTB bring the majority of beach tourists as the rest trickle in from the north from Atlantic Boulevard down 3rd Street. If you’re in the city and someone says you’re headed out to “the beaches”, more likely than not, you’re going to Jax Beach.

The years have seen the ebb and flow of time and trials on Jacksonville Beach. With so many people coming and going, and the rapid changes in tastes and styles, it seems Jax Beach re-invents itself every few years and gives us something new to look forward to. The only thing that seems to stay constant in this ever-changing beach community is that it remains the “go-to” destination for Jacksonville residents that want to come out to the beach looking for a good time. 

Whether you’re looking for an elegant evening of fine dining and cocktails, or if you’re looking for a warm day of toes in the sand with a good local micro-brew, Jax Beach will deliver on your expectations.

Our Picks for the Top Bars in Jacksonville Beach

Flask and Cannon

Jacksonville Beach

Every good bar should have a solid theme and Jacksonville Beach’s Flask and Cannon serves up one of the beach’s greatest tiki bar drinks you’ll find up and down the coast. Connected to the V Pizza restaurant, the menu is loaded with tasty beach favorites, great pizza, and more rums and beers than you’d expect from this corner bar.

With nothing between you and the ocean than a few cars and a strip of sand, Flask and Cannon is a true Jacksonville Beach treasure.

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The Wreck

Grab a cocktail any closer to the ocean and they’ll come after you for public drinking! The Wreck Tiki Bar Lounge at Jacksonville Beach is on the sand and at the 3rd Avenue boardwalk leading to the ocean.

Concerned more with providing a great time than in setting any trends, the drinks flow freely without any of the trappings of any established dogma. The vibe is free and open at the Wreck and the it is fast becoming a favorite.

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The Shim Sham Room

Define “the art of drinking” and you have Jacksonville Beach’s Shim Sham Room. A great beach night spot with great food, excellent drinks, and the party atmosphere that makes you remember why you came out for a drink in the first place; a great time!

Centrally located on the corner of First Street and Third Avenue, The Shim Sham Room is right in the middle of it all, just down from the pier, just about on the sand, and right where you want to be.

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Graffiti Junktion

Coming up from the Orlando area you may be familiar with this staple chain of fantastic burger bars. If you’re not, then make your next stop at Graffiti Junktion at Jacksonville Beach.

Hearty bar foods and a few surprising options on the menu as well as a full bar serving cold drinks and warm smiles makes Graffiti Junktion the place where you stopped in one time out of curiosity and then became a regular because it’s so good!

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The Ritz

Are you tired of looking for a place to spend the evening at the bar, looking for some drinks and dancing, party atmosphere, only to end up at a blend of restaurant and bar that leaves you longing for more?

If so, come down to the Ritz on 2nd Street and 3rd Ave at Jacksonville Beach. This is the bar you’ve been searching for. Great drinks, plenty of music, and full of people looking for the same. This is what a bar should be.

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Surfer The Bar 

Stylish, bilevel spot offering cocktails, beer & casual Mexican & Japanese eats amid surfing decor.

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Lynch’s Irish Pub

Irish spot with quirky decor offering pub grub, live music & lots of beers on tap.

  • Hours: Monday – Friday: 11:00am – 2:00am, Saturday – Sunday: 10:00am – 2:00am
  • Address: 514 1st St N, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250, United States
  • Phone: 904-249-5181
  • Website: https://www.lynchsirishpub.com/

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Landshark Bar & Grill


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Mango’s Beach Bar

A mix of American street-style cooking is served at this beach-style bar offering happy hours.

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Brix Taphouse

Relaxed bar with a craft beer emphasis plus drink specials, live music events & line dancing nights.

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